Where treasury technology investment is going in 2022

Real-time visibility into cash balances to enable better liquidity and credit risk management will be a priority for businesses in 2022, with research by Icon Solutions suggesting businesses would be willing to pay for real-time data real.

“Many look to their banking service providers to help them manage the migration to ISO 20022 message formats and help them not only manage the different formats, but also take advantage of the rich data provided by ISO 20022,” says Simon Barrows, Director of Corporate Services. .

Michael Kolman, ION Treasury.jpg

Michael Kolman, Ion Treasure

Michael Kolman, Ion Treasure

Ritesh Jhingan, head of cash management at software provider Finastra, believes integrated finance is an area to watch in 2022.

“From a treasury/treasury perspective, the key aspects of integrated finance are the integration of banking with ERP [enterprise resource planning] services – so ERP becomes the new front end – and the creation of value-added services such as payroll payments and cross-border payment transfers,” he says.

Ion Treasury expects continued upgrades and adoption of SaaS (software as a service) or cloud-hosted solutions that enable scanning from a highly secure environment, observes Michael Kolman, Director of products.


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