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A lawsuit filed against the federal government, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg was dismissed on Friday by U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig.

In the dismissed federal lawsuit, Selepri Amachree said he was unlawfully detained in the Dodge County Jail for more than six months by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to the lawsuit, Amachree — an African immigrant who has been a legal permanent resident of the United States for 50 years — was taken into custody on February 27, 2017, at the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office in Juneau. A federal judge ordered Amachree’s release in September 2017.

Defendants who have been named in the lawsuit include U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; ICE agents Brent Kriehn and Joseph Halase; Immigration Appeals Board; Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt; Klomberg; retired Dodge County detective Robert Neuman; and Dodge County.

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Ludwig, who serves in the Eastern District of Wisconsin where the lawsuit was filed, dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning it cannot be refiled. In the order granting the defendants’ motion to dismiss, Ludwig is highly critical of Amachree’s attorney, John Gorby of Chicago. He said Gorby repeatedly failed to meet court deadlines and comply with court orders to file concise motions or responses.

“…for continued verbosity and inconsistency, the Court will again dismiss the case pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 8(a), which governs pleadings,” Ludwig wrote.

Amachree expressed disappointment with the dismissal.

“The case was not dismissed on the merits, it was dismissed because there was a lot of detail and we used too many words to get that point across,” he said. “It wasn’t thrown out because Schmidt, Klomberg and ICE didn’t do anything wrong, it was thrown out because it took too many pages to describe how wrong it was.”

Gorby said: “Judge Ludwig is very hard on me. No doubt my complaints have been lengthy, but I wanted to state the facts.”

Klomberg issued a press release on Monday. He wrote: “After reading his rambling pleadings, I have come to the conclusion that the suit was more aimed at damaging my reputation than seeking judicial relief. His pleadings were concocted with statements taken out of context from of larger discussions in a manner designed solely to create controversy.I believe this entire episode was driven by a desire to punish myself and others for refusing to work with Amachree or his organization.

Klomberg said he decided in 2014 that he could not allow the district attorney’s office to be associated with the Amachree or Extreme intervention and nothing has changed since then.

“The Dodge County District Attorney continues to refuse to work in any way with Selepri Amachree or organizations associated with her,” Klomberg said.

Amachree’s detention in 2017 is linked to a deportation order issued on November 7, 2002, which was appealed. The order was part of a drug conviction, but federal courts ultimately ruled such convictions were not grounds for deportation and Amachree’s case was dismissed by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. to the Immigration Appeals Board on February 7, 2007. For unexplained reasons, the BIA did not act on the case for 10 years, until Amachree was held in the county jail Dodge for six months.

When he acted, the deportation order was immediately overturned and Amachree was released.

On the day Amachree was taken into custody, he was at the sheriff’s office to meet with Schmidt regarding a background check that was conducted because Amachree had met clients at the Dodge County Jail. Amachree operates XTreme Intervention, a company that enrolls people with addictions in treatment programs, typically Teen Challenge programs that are out of state, and transports them to the program.

The lawsuit argued that Amachree’s arrest was the result of a “conspiracy” between the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, the Dodge County District Attorney, and the ICE office in Chicago. He cites email exchanges in the days leading up to his arrest.

On the day of the arrest, Schmidt emailed 30 people, including local police chiefs, Dodge County Circuit Court Judges, the Dodge County District Attorney, the County Administrator of Dodge and others. That email alleged that Amachree was financially taking advantage of people and behaving inappropriately with female clients, but also stated, “I have no evidence at this time to proceed with a criminal investigation.”

The complaint against Neuman said he was negligent in his investigation of Amachree and falsely alleged that Amachree used a pseudonym, broke into women’s homes, and assaulted women.

In the lawsuit, Amachree denied allegations of inappropriate behavior and financial misconduct and characterized portions of the background investigation as being based on “hearsay” and false information. The lawsuit also said that the false allegations made by Schmidt in the February 27, 2018 email damaged his reputation and his business.

Amachree continued to live in Beaver Dam and operate XTreme Intervention.

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