The best handheld vacuum cleaners for 2022

To find the best handheld vacuum cleaners on the market, we looked at various factors to determine their effectiveness. All of our picks have powerful motors that pick up dirt quickly, saving you time. They are all wireless and therefore battery powered.

With long battery life, you can use any of our picks for long hours on a single charge. The batteries also charge quickly and won’t take too long to charge to full capacity.

To allow you to easily maneuver your device without fatigue, we have chosen only light vacuum cleaners. They are all small in size to let you squeeze them comfortably in your palm. Therefore, they are all easily transportable and require small storage spaces.

We take pride in listing products that will serve you effectively for a long time and give you good value for your money. As such, we have chosen vacuums with sturdy and durable structures that will stand the test of time.

Some of our picks have dust bags that trap the dirt you vacuum up in different places. The bags have large capacities that allow considerable amounts of dirt to be sucked up before being emptied.

Cleaning your space doesn’t have to be exhausting. Therefore, all of our picks have high suction power and speed to capture dirt quickly and from longer beams. They all have different attachments that allow them to pick up different types of dirt.

Attachments also cause a difference in efficiency. Therefore, take a look at the accessories from our picks and choose the one that meets your expectation.

Our goal is to help you get the best value for money. As such, we have only chosen vacuum cleaners with a reasonable purchase price and maintenance cost, but effective and durable. They all have elegant yet functional designs.

They are contoured to allow easy movement across your surface. They’re also easy to empty and won’t expose you to allergens or spread dirt to your other spaces.

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