The ANCLA boss rejects it, saying it’s a blackmail trap. – Nigerian Observer

Lagos – In a bid to discourage the giving of mushroom rewards by certain groups to extort money from innocent people, the national chairman of the Association of Licensed Customs Officers of Nigeria (ANCLA), Tony Nwabunike, rejected the Shipping World Magazine award for “Freight”. Freight Forwarder of the Decade” awarded to him by his publisher, Mr. Asu Beks.

Nwabunike described the award as a deliberately contrived trap by Asu Beks to constantly blackmail him for financial gratification, as would have happened to other notable figures in the shipping industry.

Giving the reason for the rejection, the world-class freight forwarder said the decision was made, following the advice of professional colleagues, friends and family members who believed in the highly unstable and indecent character of the man, Asu Beks .

Nwabunike, who is currently out of the country on a self-development exercise, said he had instructed his aides in Lagos to effect the immediate return of the plaque and certificate, adding that he was came to the conclusion that they were not worth more than the wood. from which they were made.

A press release issued in Lagos by Nwabunike reads: “This is to inform members of the Nigerian maritime community and the general public that I, Iju Anthony Nwabunike, National Chairman of the Association of Licensed Customs Officers of Nigeria (ANLCA) hereby rejects the Shipping World award of “Freight Forwarder of the Decade” given by one Mr. Asu Beks.

“This decision has been taken on the advice of professional colleagues, friends and family members who believe in the highly unstable and indecent character of the man, Asu Beks, publisher of Shipping World and promoter of the so-called prize.

“While I am currently out of the country on a personal development exercise, I have instructed my assistants in Lagos to effect the immediate return of the plaque and certificate as I have come to the conclusion that they do not worth no more than the wood from which they were made.

“The award is a deliberately contrived trap by Shipping World Magazine’s editor, Mr. Asu Beks, to constantly blackmail me for financial gratification, as has been done to other notable personalities in the shipping industry.

“I frowned at the slander campaign launched against me and my great association, the ANLCA by Asu Beks, who always uses my photographs as a deliberate attempt to slander my character with false and defamatory statements.

“I sincerely expressed my surprise at the level of pettiness, bias, subjectivity and blatant display of misconduct shown by Asu Beks at all times.
“It is a rotten egg that spoils the noble profession of the media in the maritime industry in particular and in the world in general.

“I can say emphatically that I did not seek any award from Mr. Asu Beks abinitio, although I initially expressed my skepticism when he nominated me

“Now that I understand the reason for this award, I hereby return the plaque and urge many captains of industry and CEOs not to approach such a blackmailer.

“The award was discovered as a trap for the persistent blackmail, excuse of begging for money, endless disruptions and various forms of shameful mercantile practices by Mr. Asu Beks.

“Asu Beks has undoubtedly proven to be a poor example of who or what a journalist should be. He has convinced sensible people by his conduct that he is a mercenary writer who is driven by his insatiable thirst for donations from payers.

“I doubt his training, his exposure and his experience as a journalist. I dare say, it displays the lack of formal guardianship required for the practice of journalism. I also have reason to question his academic background. True, he is uneducated and does not want to learn.

“Easily telling lies and coming up to apologize every time he’s broke paints him as a very inconsistent character. For Asu Beks, truth is determined by how much you pay. He will only listen to you or ask to be contracted for you praise in his psychic or on his controlled whatsapp group.I don’t need such services from him.

“The number of CEOs who have fallen into this trap is incalculable. It therefore becomes necessary to cut all ties with Asu Beks, as I will not like or want to associate myself or be identified with such a deviant character in the name to be a recipient of the prize from him.

“I plan to associate myself and the noble ANLCA with his person and the price he travels the shipping industry begging people to accept.

“Asu Beks is not a member of the ANLCA. His pettiness and shameful conduct in meddling in a dispute of which he is NOT a card-carrying member is so ridiculous.

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“It is relevant to note and set the record straight that I, Tony Nwabunike did not amend the ANLCA Constitution. The amendment of the ANLCA constitution, which took place in December 2020, followed due process with the approval of the NEC and NECOM as the highest decision-making bodies of the ANLCA, even though the members of the association consented to it. The amendment process was not hidden, as maritime journalists observed the entire procedure

“Thus, Asu Beks’ slander campaign on term extension against me is nothing but cheap blackmail and lies that will not see the light of day, because truth will always prevail over lies. and malice.”

“I have verifiable evidence of Asu Beks’ begging conduct, blackmail tactics and journalism for financial gain. I will never succumb to the whims of such an old, cheeky and mischievous liar.

“My lawyers have been briefed to sue him for defamation and I believe this rejection is necessary before legal redress.”

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