Swapna claims Jaleel brought shipments with Benami’s help

Swapna Suresh Accuses Former Minister of State KT Jaleel of Involvement in Gold Smuggling Deal | ANI

In the latest development, the main defendant in the Swapna Suresh gold smuggling case, after Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, could cause problems for two CPI-M leaders – the former Chairman of CPI-M P Sreeramakrishnan and former Minister of State and Senior Legislator KT Jaleel.

On Wednesday, Swapna alleged through his affidavit that Vijayan used his office to curry favors for his daughter through the ruler of Sharjah, later adding that Sreeramakrishnan also asked for his help in starting a business establishment. education in the state.

According to the affidavit, in order to influence the ruler of Sharjah, a bag full of currency was given to the consul general of the UAE by an employee of the consulate office, namely PS Sarith.

Sarith had taken the bag after giving change to said person. It was later seized by Sarith Customs.

Jaleel involved in closing deals with Benami aid in Mumbai

Regarding Jaleel, he said he was the one who lobbied the Vice Chancellor. Swapna also claimed that Jaleel has a benami in Mumbai through which all his transactions are conducted.

Incidentally, soon after the gold smuggling case surfaced in July 2020, Sreeramakrishnan, who was then the Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, and Jaleel were questioned by the national agencies.

Swapna accuses CM Vijayan of involvement in gold smuggling

Swapna has given sleepless nights to the left-leaning CPI-M-led government since earlier this month when she made ‘revelations’ before a local magistrate under Article 164(5) of the Code of Criminal Procedure .

Since then, she has been hammering and tweezing, especially against Vijayan, his wife Kamala and their daughter Veena. Following this, protests led by Congress and the BJP erupted across the state demanding the resignation of the CM.

CM Pinarayi Vijayan denies allegations

“The revelation made by an accused who has resurfaced due to vested interests has already been rejected by the people here earlier. This new attempt is a concerted attempt to destabilize a firm government that is working tirelessly for the good of the people. We are sure that the know-it-alls will reject this as in the past,” Vijayan said.

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