Samsung shows the Galaxy Note 4 in photos and video

The Galaxy Note 4 was of course presented earlier Wednesday morning at Samsung’s IFA Berlin press conference. In case you missed the live stream (or didn’t want to sit through all of the company’s postures on its legendary lineage), Samsung just posted a video on YouTube that gets right to the point and shows off the Galaxy Note. 4 in all its glory. Additionally, Samsung wisely included press footage earlier, at the time of its press conference.

You can see the available colors and some detailed views of the Galaxy Note 4’s rather unique chassis in the full-resolution press image gallery below.

You can see some of the Galaxy Note’s new features in the video Samsung released earlier on Wednesday evening, including improved S-Pen features, a more intuitive camera app, optical image stabilization, and HDR capture. shadowless, as well as more advanced copying methods. content between apps and multitasking. We’ll cover some of these features in more detail in a separate article. For now, feel free to get a tl; dr of the goodies below.
Do these press images or the video released by Samsung make you want to get Samsung’s latest and highest rating? Or are you waiting to see what Google announces in the Nexus arena?

h / t Android Central

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