Roman Reigns’ wrestling career told in photos, over the years

Right now, Roman reigns is the biggest name in the professional wrestling industry. He became the face of WWE and worked his way up to his current position through hard work and dedication. Roman has set up classic matches and had some memorable feuds over the years, truly making a name for himself.

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He is already enshrined as a future Hall of Fame name, and it shows what a brilliant career he has had in the business so far. Roman has been involved in some big stories along the way, and it’s helped him make his mark.

11 Competing in FCW

Roman Reigns and Tyler Breeze as FCW Tag Team Champions

For Roman Reigns, his wrestling career began with FCW. It was a place where a lot of wrestlers got to start their careers, and that’s how he developed his in-ring ability. Wrestlers always have to start somewhere, and FCW has proven to be a great place for talent to learn the basics.

During this time, Roman ended up on a tag team with Tyler Breeze, playing many matches alongside future Prince Pretty. They’re a couple that many fans may not be familiar with, but they’ve proven popular in this context.

ten A shocking start

The beginnings of the shield

After some time in FCW, Roman Reigns was called up straight to the main roster. There was no time to have fun in NXT for him, as he hardly made any appearances there. He was propelled into the big leagues with The Shield. Made its debut at Survivor Series in 2012, they originally appeared to help CM Punk.

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This was the idea behind the band initially, although it later evolved. When they did show up, it was Ryback and John Cena who suffered their wrath, with the trio immediately making themselves known.


9 The shield dominates

The shield

It didn’t take long for The Shield to break away from CM Punk, just becoming their own thing. They towered over everyone in sight, taking over everything. They were the hottest thing in pro wrestling, beating everyone in sight, putting on some amazing matches.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins also had a long run as Tag Team Champions during this time, which only further established them as a team, especially since Dean Ambrose was also a States Champion. -United.

8 Winner of the Royal Rumble


After The Shield’s implosion, it became clear that Roman Reigns was the guy WWE stood firmly behind. He was pushed around a lot, and that’s something fans have come to feel. People were not happy with the force imposed on him.

It was clear when he won the 2014 Royal Rumble, as he ended up being booed out of the arena. Even a surprise appearance from The Rock couldn’t prevent it from being a disaster.

7 Battles with Bray

roman reigns against bray wyatt

After Roman Reigns failed to become WWE Champion at Wrestle Mania 31, he ended up being involved in a storyline with Bray Wyatt. It turned out to be a nice angle as the two worked well together when competing in the ring.

It was what Roman needed at the time to refresh his character at the time, starting all over again for him as he began his slow rise to the top in WWE.

6 fight authority

Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

Most everyone remembers that Roman Reigns also battled The Authority to become a major babyface. After winning the WWE Championship, they tricked Sheamus into cashing in his Money in the Bank against him. This set Roman on a trajectory for Wrestle Mania 32.

Here, the Big Dog once again had a chance to headline the show, this time against Triple H. He and The Game put on an enjoyable match, even though the audience wasn’t behind him. But it was a real crowning achievement, becoming definitive World Champion.

5 Mid Map Champion

Roman Reigns Wins US Cropped Title

After a spell in the main event scene, Roman Reigns was slightly shuffled around the map. This led to him becoming the United States Champion at night of champions in 2016. He feuded with Rusev for the title, and both men put on some big impactful matches.

Shortly after this period, Roman also found himself Intercontinental Champion, continuing to work at this level. This created an enjoyable period for him where he was able to focus solely on his work in the ring, away from the pressure of the headliner.

4 Try to tame the beast

Roman Reigns wins Universal title

It didn’t take long for Roman Reigns to return to the main stage of the event, which is finally his place. Once again, it was with Brock Lesnar that he shared the ring, as he was the Universal Champion at the time. However, Roman failed to Wrestle Mania 34.

But that didn’t stop him from continuing to push for the title. It was next Slam summer where he finally won the title, and at this point in his career he was more than ready for that spot once again.

3 Announcement of leukemia

Roman Reigns announces he has leukemia

In October 2018, Roman Reigns stunned the world by relinquishing the Universal Championship. He announced he was going on hiatus, revealing he had leukemia. It’s something no one knew, but he had already beaten him once in his life.

It created a raw and authentic moment that led to real emotions from everyone within the WWE Universe. Roman spoke from the heart as he revealed the news, an announcement no one wanted to hear.

2 The shield meets

The shield meets

When Roman Reigns made his return, he got a huge babyface reaction, and rather than the audience being divided, they were firmly behind him. It ended up being pushed even further when The Shield ended up reuniting, which was a huge moment.

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Fans had wanted to see the band again, and when it happened, the crowd went wild. They had to work against Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre at the time, which also led to Dean Ambrose’s final moments.

1 The undisputed tribal leader

Roman Reigns wins WrestleMania 38

When Roman Reigns returned to WWE after a hiatus due to COVID-19, he did so with a brand new character. He became the tribal leader, ridding himself of all the remaining elements of his career in the shield. Roman turned heel, teamed up with Paul Heyman and created an amazing gimmick.

It’s been an entertaining run, with Roman holding the Universal Championship for over 500 days, before unifying the world titles at Wrestle Mania 38. It transformed his career and will go down as one of the great characters of all time.

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