Republican retirees from The Villages arrested for allegedly voting multiple times in 2020 election | Florida News | Tampa

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Photo via Les Villages / Facebook

Three residents of The Villages, Florida’s largest retirement community, have been arrested for allegedly voting multiple times in the 2020 election.

Jay Ketcik, Joan Halstead and John Rider are between 61 and 71 years old and are all residents of the city aged 55 and over. There is no indication that the three people knew each other or conspired together. All three are accused of voting in Florida and of voting by mail in their home state. They all face charges of casting more than one ballot in an election, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

While there is no record of who they voted for, all three are registered Republicans and two of the defendants appeared to be sharing pro-Trump posts on Facebook.

Alleged voter fraud has been a hot topic among Republican politicians and their grassroots. Florida has passed legislation making it much more difficult to vote to tackle this largely phantom problem. While voter fraud is extremely rare, and certainly not common enough to tip a nationwide election, that hasn’t stopped politicians seeking votes from The Villages’ residents from passing him off as a huge bogeyman.

This post originally appeared on Orlando Weekly.

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