Peru and Guatemala encourage the development of mutual trade

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Peruvian Customs and Tax Administration Agency (Sunat) and the Guatemalan Tax Administration Agency (SAT) have signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement to promote the Authorized Economic Operator Program ( OEA), which will facilitate foreign trade between the two of the countries.

With the signing of this agreement, AEO certified companies, a program promoted by Sunat, will have more opportunities and advice to do business in Guatemala, which will improve their competitiveness, reduce the cost and duration of their activity and will increase the security of the international supply chain.

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According to the Peruvian tax administration, the volume of trade between Peru and Guatemala exceeds US $ 350 million in 2019-2021.

According to Sunat, Peruvian exports to the Guatemalan market amounted to $ 64,458,000 in 2020, while imports amounted to $ 42,917,940, which meant a surplus of $ 21,540,050 for Peru (Photo reproduction Internet)

Imports (of cane sugar, furniture, kraft paper and rubber) amounted to US $ 130 million, while exports (including plastic sheeting and shellfish tails) exceeded US $ 220 million. US dollars.

This is the seventh agreement signed by Peru, after those with Korea, Uruguay, the United States, the countries of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Mexico and Colombia), the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia , Ecuador) and Brazil.


Similarly, Sunat officially issued 85 certificates to companies which now have the status of Authorized Economic Operator, which allows them to trade with more than 80 countries recognized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) while respecting security measures. of the international supply chain. .

With this certification, export customs clearance takes only 47 minutes, while import customs clearance takes only 13 hours. In either case, customs clearance takes a third of the time required for a standard procedure.

According to the tax administration, there are currently 237 authorized economic operators in Peru, including small, medium and large companies certified by Sunat. In 2020 alone, the tax administration granted the AEO certificate to 54 foreign trade-related companies (importers, exporters, customs brokers, warehouses and fast delivery services). Among these certificates, 41 were issued during the national health emergency due to Covid-19.

So far this year, AEO certified companies have imported and exported over US $ 17 billion.


Guatemala is a market of around 18 million people. According to Sunat, Peruvian exports to this Central American market amounted to US $ 64 million in 2020, while imports amounted to US $ 43 million, representing a surplus of US $ 21 million for Peru. The Peruvian offer consists mainly of agricultural and mining products.

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