Nitin Gadkari, a prime example of how the People’s Representative can work for the development of India: Sharad Pawar

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar praised Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari when the duo shared the stage at a reception in Ahmednagar on Saturday.

Speaking about the implementation of various public infrastructure projects, Pawar praised Gadkari for using energy efficiently to carry out development. “I am attending this function because I have been told that Gadkari is going to inaugurate many projects in Ahmednagar, which will solve the city’s longstanding problems and that he wants me to be present,” Pawar said at the time. of the ceremony of laying the first stone. infrastructure projects.

The NCP chief said that although many projects remain on paper even after the stone-laying ceremony, “when it comes to Gadkari’s projects, you see the work start a few days after the function. Gadkari is a prime example of how a representative of the people can work for the development of the country.

“I remember that before Gadkari took over the road and motorway transport portfolio, around 5,000 km of work had been carried out. But after taking over, the figure jumped 12,000 km, ”said Pawar.

Although Pawar and Gadkari share a good relationship, their parties have been political rivals in Maharashtra for a very long time.

In his remarks, Gadkari said his ministry is ready to fund various road projects on condition that the government of Maharashtra takes responsibility for providing land. “Wherever the government takes responsibility for providing land, our ministry will bear the financial burden of carrying out the project,” he said.

Gadkari reiterated the plan for a new Surat-Nashik-Ahmednagar-Solapur highway which will later connect to the southern regions of the country. “The distance between Delhi and Chennai is 1,600 km. But by launching the Surat-Nashik-Ahmednagar-Solapur road, the total distance will be reduced from 330 km to 1270 km, ”he said. The cost of the project is Rs 50,000 crore and a stretch of approximately 481 km will cross Maharashtra, Gadkari said. “This road will be an access control and an entirely new corridor,” he said.

Gadkari called on the government of Maharashtra to cede government-owned land along this new corridor to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). “We will develop industrial facilities and other infrastructure projects in parallel. They will be engines of growth and create jobs, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the Union Minister also said that the government has decided to increase the blend of ethanol to 20% in gasoline. “I have asked all vehicle manufacturing companies to build flex-fuel hybrid engines in vehicles that will run entirely on ethanol or electricity. Very soon the Ministry of Transport will issue the order for the same. Gadkari cited the example of Brazil saying that the country uses ethanol in vehicles and airplanes. “We too are planning to go for green fuel. If the farmers produce fuel, our money will be saved on importing oil. Even this will bring prosperity to farmers.

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