NFL Executives Expect Deshaun Watson to Trade in ‘Next Days’

Deshaun Watson will likely never play for the Houston Texans again, and as the 2021 NFL season approaches, there is growing rumor that he could be on a new team before Week 1. .

Amid reports that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could suspend a deal, many in the league appear to believe a trade with Watson is imminent.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, several executives of teams not involved in the negotiations said there was “growing chatter” about Houston trading its franchise quarterback in the “days to come.”

Even more remarkable, according to Florio, the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers would be the two finalists. While the Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles were once involved, they are waiting due to the current legal uncertainty.

Will Deshaun Watson be traded?

It’s a bit of a surprise that so many NFL members think Watson is about to be traded, especially given the teams involved. A recent report hinted that Houston’s asking price was significantly higher for AFC teams, looking for three first-round picks and additional assets.

Considering the progress Tua Tagovailoa has made in training camp and preseason action, it would be a bold move for Miami to offload years of draft capital for a player who could face a long suspension.

While the Panthers have often been mentioned as a potential landing point, discussions around the league could be speculative. Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports NFL Insider and Panthers defeat writer Joe Person everyone noted after Florio’s report that Carolina isn’t even interested in Watson at the moment.

There is a huge risk for any team that acquires Watson. He has been questioned by the FBI, is the subject of 22 civil suits, 10 criminal complaints and is under investigation by the NFL, the Houston Police Department and is facing a county grand jury investigation. by Harris.

The NFL will not place him on the commissioner’s exemption list until criminal investigations are completed, a process that could take months. Since the Texans will not lower their asking price, any team acquiring Watson would be taking an unprecedented risk.

Since it’s still not a guarantee that he will play in the NFL this year, it is unlikely that a team will trade for him until Week 1.

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