! Murcia Today – Murcia’s small transport companies crippled by Brexit

Date of publication: 05/10/2021

Complex customs procedures and long waiting times have led many Murcia-based carriers to withdraw from the UK altogether

Since the UK officially left the EU at the end of last year, small businesses transporting fruit and vegetables from the region of Murcia to Europe have faced a huge increase in costs and are looking for markets. alternative.

According to Cartagena-based carrier Tortasola, rising fuel prices combined with increasing wait times to enter the UK means that small businesses can no longer afford the costs, and director José Antonio Hernández said that he had no choice but to trade the UK for destinations. that involve less paperwork and offer more benefits. Before Brexit, the company traveled regularly to Sheffield, Birmingham or Cambridge; now they are lucky if they send one truck a week to England.

With the withdrawal of small businesses from the UK, the larger fleets came under increased pressure to ensure frequent delivery of fresh produce from southern Spain. This is the experience of the Agetrans company, which has pledged to send 60 trucks per week to the UK from this month, up from 40 shipments before Brexit. Director Domingo Ortiz agreed that the UK is unfortunately no longer an attractive market for Spanish businesses, as while delivery times for goods have remained the same customs procedures have increased significantly, requiring more manpower. work and time.

Add to that the added cost of security, alarms and driver training to prevent people hiding in trucks from illegally crossing the border into the UK. In addition to the danger represented by this mode of transport, if a stowaway is discovered, a police procedure must be initiated which could put the truck out of service for several days.

Since Brexit, the cost of maintaining these services has increased by 20% and companies must choose between taking the weight off their profits or passing the cost on to their customers, neither of which is an issue. ideal solution.

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