Mumbai gold seizure: Gold worth over Rs 5 crore seized at Mumbai airport, six Sudanese nationals detained

Six Sudanese nationals have been arrested for attempting to smuggle 12kg of gold worth Rs 5.4 crore after arriving at the international airport here, an official said on Sunday. The incident happened on Saturday, he said.

The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Mumbai Customs, headed by Deputy Commissioner Manudev Jain, seized gold from a group of Sudanese passengers, who arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport on Saturday on board an Emirates flight from Dubai, the official said.

“The accused gathered and attempted to clean up the contraband gold by creating a ruckus to distract the AIU officers. However, the officers recovered, in a well-coordinated operation, 12 bullion gold weighing one kg each which were concealed in a specially designed belt worn by one of the Sudanese passengers,” he said.

Five other Sudanese, hostile and aggressive to distract AIU officers, were arrested along with the one carrying the gold, the official said.

Six other Sudanese passengers, who added to the turmoil by consistently resisting screening, were sent back to their home countries with a permanent ban on entering India, he said.

The six arrested defendants were charged under the relevant sections of the Customs Law and presented to a court, which held them in custody for 14 days, the official added.

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