Investment Product and Service Launches

Wilshire launches a series of third-generation factor indices on the market

Wilshire, a global financial services company, announced the launch of the FT Wilshire Pure Factor Index Series and the FT Wilshire Multi-Factor Index Series. Every new index launched in the past 12 months overcomes systematic problems resulting from legacy technology and index construction. With the new factor indices, investors can now implement factor allocation decisions without unintended exposure.

Wilshire has undergone a complete modernization of the standard index business model to ensure its products and licensing are fully investor-focused. The investment community will be better equipped to identify opportunities, assess risk and access markets as markets continue to evolve.

“The market has evolved significantly over the past few decades and many index models that were formulated then are not suitable for today’s market,” says Mark Makepeace, CEO of Wilshire. “We built a modern indexing platform that gave us the agility to test ideas and build better indexes to overcome the persistent challenges of today’s benchmarks. The new series of third-generation factor indices offers more precision in targeting specific factors and multi-factor exposures and provides an innovative approach to automating the selection of a diverse set of factors.

Northern Trust Front Office Solutions improves cash management solutions for asset owners

Northern Trust has launched an enhanced cash management data tool in its Front Office Solutions platform. The online tool allows asset holders with large allocations to private market assets to better control their liquidity through unified and personalized reports.

The web-based liquidity management module provides users with a comprehensive view of their portfolio’s liquidity based on several factors, including real-time data on private equity and expected cash flows, as well as complex contractual terms of the hedge funds.

The tool allows asset owners to monitor and assess the pace of their cash flows in private and public markets through a custom time horizon feature, removing the tedious manual steps that investors often take. By adding a visual element, the tool gives users the ability to visualize the pace of their cash flow using bar charts, providing an enhanced perspective for assessing highly complex liquidity scenarios.

Front Office Solutions is an integrated cloud-based data and services platform that enables investment offices to visualize data from disparate sources across all asset classes in one central repository. It provides complex asset owners, including foundations, endowments, family offices, pensions and outsourced investment managers, with the data they need, in the format they need, enabling them to make informed investment decisions that help them achieve their strategies.

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