How to travel fast in the New World

New World has a huge open world map to explore, however, venturing out on foot takes a long time. Players can travel quickly for easier travel.

New world is a massive MMORPG with miles of terrain for players to explore with friends. Fortunately, there is a way to quickly travel around the world to make this exploration a little easier.

As with most similar games, the fast travel in New world allows players to teleport primarily to towns and hamlets they have already visited. However, this ability is not immediately offered to the half a million players already invested in the game.

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New world players will have had to visit some places before they can get there quickly. After that, players will have the option to quickly travel to the colony or use the Call back to hostel feature if the player has stayed at that hostel. This booster feature has a recovery time of around an hour, which is important for players to keep in mind if they want to get to multiple locations in a short period of time. Unfortunately, players can only be registered at one hostel at a time, so it’s also important that players decide on a good middle ground or basic hostel to return to. The best part about the Recall To Inn feature is that it doesn’t require the same remedies as the other fast travel method.

The cost of a quick trip to the New World

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The usual method of rapid travel in New world costs Azoth. Azoth is a brilliant blue resource obtained by completing quests. The amount of Azoth needed to travel quickly varies depending on the base cost of moving the colony you are traveling to, the cost of distance, and the cost of congestion. The farther the player wants to travel, the more Azoth it will cost. Also, the more material or equipment the player carries, the more Azoth will be needed. Discounts on fast travel can be earned by joining a faction or company. This discount may be higher if the faction chosen by the player controls the area.

Traveling New worldThe Aeternum Walk is the best way for players to familiarize themselves with the world and the map. It’s also the best way to find quests to complete and life motes, as well as being necessary to access fast travel in the first place. However, for players who have explored and aren’t interested in hiking across the country, a quick trip is definitely the best option.

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New world is available on PC.


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