Greek policeman arrested in Turkey

A Greek policeman has been arrested in Turkey. Credit: Greek journalist

A Greek police officer from the Feres region in northeast Greece in Evros, which borders Turkey, was arrested on Monday along with a woman in the country.

Turkish police have arrested the 41-year-old Greek police officer, who had gone on a trip to Istanbul, as they claim he entered a no-go area.

It is still unclear where exactly in Turkey the Greek police officer and the woman accompanying him were arrested, but it may be in the town of Edirne, which lies along the border with the Greece.

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The officer had requested special permission to make the trip, which is standard procedure for all members of the law enforcement community.

Greek police, as well as the Greek Foreign Ministry, are reportedly investigating the case.

The family of the man who was arrested claim that the policeman was arrested for what Turkish police claim to be “customs offenses”. Currently, the cell phones of both parties, the policeman and the woman traveling with him, are not working.

Israeli couple arrested in Turkey

In November, an Israeli couple were charged with spying in Turkey for taking a photo of a historic site that until 1923 had served as the Turkish ruler’s palace. They were released after being detained for almost a week.

The couple, Mordy Oknin and his wife Natali, were on vacation in Turkey when they took a photo of Dolmabahce Palace, which was the residence of Turkish rulers until 1923.

The building was only recently declared a no-photography zone.

The Oknins, who are in their 40s and own a taxi service in Israel, were arrested and then arrested by Turkish authorities for taking the photo from Çamlıca Tower, which is used for communications.

This is a developing story.

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