Funds scarce for COVID-19 front-liners – ARAB TIMES

KUWAIT CITY, August 22: “There is not enough cash to pay rewards to frontline COVID-19 people all at once,” Al-Rai daily reports, citing reliable sources. They explained that the Ministry of Finance has not yet planned a specific financial budget to pay the contributions, which amount to around KD 550 million, especially since the volume of liquidity available in the public reserve is currently around. the billion dinars.

However, the total wages and others amount to KD 750 million per month. The ministry plans to start disbursing directly to eligible parties at various stages once all Civil Service Commission (CSC) lists are approved, depending on available cash levels. Public finances have long faced the risk of running out of liquidity. The Public Reserve Fund recorded the highest risk of running out of liquidity last December after the available liquidity reached KD 300 million.

The delay in disbursement is mainly due to the delay taken by the ministry in receiving the lists of beneficiaries, since it has so far received the lists of 29 of the 62 parties. The beneficiaries of the Ministry of Health will be at the forefront of the entities that will receive the award, as a moral condition for the launch of the exchange train, because they are the most deserving. Disbursement will be done in stages and according to priorities, so that the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense will follow the Ministry of Health and then other institutions.

The sources said: “What increases the challenge of collective spending is that the coverage of these amounts is not foreseen in the general budget, but an additional appropriation has been opened for them, amounting to 600 million. of KD, in installments, on the basis of the reception hierarchy of the lists of government agencies and to ease the pressure on the public budget ”.

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