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The Indian Association for Functional Medicine (IAFM) has launched its first conference with the aim of promoting the use of functional medicines and their inculcation in lifestyles. The conference featured leading physicians, spokespersons for the functional medical fraternity who spoke about bowel disorders and autoimmunity, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, ozone therapy, metabolic health, mental healing and hypothyroidism. Provided in-depth information on how functional drugs work.

Experts at the roundtable stressed that the ongoing problems can be reversed through the use of appropriate functional drugs. These drugs can help treat the root cause of chronic illness, thereby helping an individual regain a healthy body.

Explaining how heart problems can be solved through drug rehab, Dr Lenny Da Cost, director and chief consultant at Rafael Medicare, said, “One of the reasons for the increase in heart problems is due to the burden of toxin having an impact on the health of the mitochondria. The number of mitochondria or the function of mitochondria is compromised, resulting in the manifestation of the disease. Poor mitochondria is associated with most of the chronic health conditions that our society goes through. Detoxification is the way to go to improve mitochondria health, thereby reversing chronic disease.

Uncovering the use of functional drugs to treat diabetes, Dr Ashwini Garg, co-founder of the Functional Medicine Clinic, said: “For conventional medicine, type 2 diabetes is still a mystery and efforts are still being made to manage the disease in one way or another. Of course, patients end up with many side effects of the disease and medications. Without knowing what causes high blood sugar, it won’t be easy to reverse the disease. Hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes can be due to various reasons, namely insulin resistance, chronic infections etc. Functional medicine is new age medicine that allows the clinician to assess possible reasons for high blood sugar and prepare personalized treatment plans.

Sharing his personal experience of treating autoimmune patients, Piyush Kumar Vishwakarma, co-founder of Jeevam Health at the launch of the IAFM’s first conference said, “Unfortunately, a lot of people think that once we have diagnosed with a thyroid problem, we’ll have medication. for life. We will not be able to lose weight. This is not the reality. We see many cases where the autoimmunity improves, the symptoms subside, the doses of thyroid drugs also decrease. It is quite possible if we identify the underlying cause. The traditional symptomatic approach will always lead to varying symptoms. People are on medication and still have persistent symptoms ”

The Indian Institute of Functional Medicine plans to further expand its operations in India to promote the use of functional drugs by raising awareness of its application and benefits.

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