Freemoon Announces Liquidity Lock Period With Smart

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Freemoon, a deflationary ecosystem of token protocols, has finally developed a smart contract feature and plans to lock in liquidity for four years. Smart contracts, which will become an integral part of Freemoon’s financial ecosystem, will be able to automate the distribution of funds among participants. Over time, the smart contract function can significantly increase the value of the Freemoon coin.

Freemoon LP locked for 4 years

The FREEMOON token guarantees reliability. They are stable and their numbers are growing steadily. In particular, the founders blocked the entire liquidity pool for four years.

All Freemoon assets are locked and allocated automatically. Essentially, the community is the engine of the ecosystem. What happens in the automatic protocol is that each transaction experiences a 5% LP growth. Of the total collected, the system distributes 5% among the token holders. This is in such a way that by simply having coins in your wallet, you can earn passively.

Since the system distributes the profits automatically, you can bet that the price of the coins will increase. On the other hand, the 5% of each transaction ensures an increase in the lower bound of the price of the coin.

According to white paper, the plan is to buy their token through exchanges. After the purchase, they will then proceed to their engraving. Initially, Freemoon created a quadrillion coins and burned 50% during the exchange. Therefore, they were able to establish the initial cost of the FREEMOON tokens.

Free moon exchange

Freemoon combines Binance and Ethereum in their system. This made it easier to exchange coins between different blockchains. You don’t need to add any coins to separate the wallets of the Ethereum blockchain and Binance currency exchange. Users must log into the exchange platform and make an exchange.

Additionally, you can add a liquidity pool to the system. It offers you the possibility to store different pairs of 2 blockchains.

KYC and Freemoon audit

Freemoon has already performed a smart contract audit. He has has received a certificate from to confirm that it is error free and secure.

The platform also performed the KYC. The project, you can be sure that the people behind its development are real. Here is more details on the KYC.

KYC establishes the identity of the customer. It also helps to understand the nature of client activities and to determine that the source of funds is legitimate, which helps to assess the money laundering risks associated with clients.

What comes next?

Freemoon plans to introduce an app that will facilitate fiat and cryptocurrency trading. You can get the app, register, and link both your bank and your exchange. From there you can log in and trade however you want.

The application has a very user-friendly interface. It’s not as complicated as a crypto wallet. The other advantage is that it is integrated into all exchanges. Thanks to this, it will provide you with an online rate to choose from on the platform.

Moon will also develop a trading bot. It is programmed to allow transactions with minimal risk and with guaranteed profits. Mainly, the bot will be on the exchange. However, note that the team has scheduled the trading bot for next year.

The advantage of using a trading bot is that you have the assurance of 24/7 service. It is also completely accurate and works to give you the best possible results. Notably, the bot will receive the required number of coins and funds to trade successfully.

On Moon

Freemoon is a deflationary token that automatically distributes the liquidity pool and capitalization of the Freemoon ecosystem. The smart contract automates the allocation of finances within the Freemoon ecosystem. Over time, the coin’s value will only increase by 1000 times the profit. Get more information on their social networks:






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