FBR assures customs officers to solve problems

KARACHI: Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed, Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday assured customs officers of resolving issues related to import and export.

A delegation of customs officers held a meeting with the FBR Chairman in Islamabad. The delegation consisted of Saif Ullah Khan, President of Karachi Customs Officers Association, President of Qamar ul Islam Customs Officers Association, Asif Sakhi, Founder and Chairman of the Customs Officers Alliance of Pakistan.

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During the meeting, issues faced by trade, business community and customs officers were discussed in detail.

President FBR listened very patiently to the problems encountered by trade and customs officers and assured to extend their full cooperation in the best interest of trade.

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In order to stimulate the economy of the country and increase the revenue target for the public treasury, the FBR president appreciated the role of the associations of customs officers and his community.

The delegation of the community of customs officers appreciated the positive attitude and certainly appreciates the quick decisions taken by the FBR president for the improvement of the economy of the country.

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