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“I don’t understand why she agreed to be ordained a pastor and pretend to people while our marriage is falling apart,” a Ndola man shouted outside the Kabushi Local Court in Ndola.

Bright Sinkala took his wife, Pastor Grace Musende, to court to file for divorce, saying she had neglected their marriage, but instead frequented mountain visits for prayer.

However, in his defense, Pastor Musende told the court that it was in fact Sinkala who caused their marriage to collapse because he could not keep his pants zipped up and had since found a small friend for whom he had built a house.

Sinkala during his testimony revealed that he and his wife had not been physically intimate for the past nine years and yet they lived under one roof.

He told the court that everything was fine for him and his wife, not before she started attending mountain prayers, leaving household chores unattended.

Sinkala told the court that at one point his wife came home late from the mountains and so he locked her outside.

He said he then left her to sleep on the veranda, but the next day she organized her family to talk to him.

“I wasn’t interested in the meeting because I wasn’t interested. I lost affection for her. When her parents came, I overheard her telling them that I was a weak drunk when it came to sex. She even told me outright that I wasn’t man enough and that hurt me,” he said.

Sinkala further told the court that his wife had stopped washing and cooking for him and that he had been doing things by himself for many years.

However, Musende told the court that she and Sinkala liked to pray together, not before he went to eat another “fruit”.

“How can I cook for a man who won’t eat my food? He has already changed with all his clothes. And I agree with him, for nine years he hasn’t made love to me because he found another woman,” she said.

She said Sinkala was not working, but as soon as he got a job, he found a girlfriend whom he would date Nakonde for on business trips.

She told the court that she tried to talk to her husband for the sake of the children on several occasions, but he decided to be with the other woman he found.

“It was my husband who introduced me to the church because he was a very powerful elder and we served the Lord together, but when he found another wife, he completely changed. For three months, he even sleeps on the couch,” she said.

Judgment by Kabushi Local Court Presiding Chief Magistrate John Kabwe seated with Chief Magistrate Emelda Masuwa granted the divorce because reconciliation had failed.

(Mwebantu, Monday August 29, 2022)

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