Energy debt after summer climbs £ 75million

New Uswitch research has revealed an energy debt of £ 400million for 3million UK households, despite the hottest summer in more than 10 years.

At a time when energy customers should expect to have credit, Uswitch found that energy debt rose 24% from last year, with more than one in 10 billpayers in debt by £ 134 on average.

Energy customers under pressure “just to make ends meet”

It’s not just the amount of debt that has increased – the number of households in debt as winter approaches has also jumped by over 300,000.

A unprecedented number of energy price increases suppliers have probably had the biggest impact on this increase, putting ever-increasing pressure on households struggling to cover their bills.

“The growing number of households in debt to their energy supplier is a clear indication of the pressure people are under to make ends meet,” says Rik Smith, energy expert at Uswitch.

“With winter fast approaching, it is important that households take advantage of this period to deal with rising bills. After so many price increases this year, many people may have received a price increase notification over the summer but didn’t go for a cheaper deal.

Beat the increase in the price ceiling for energy

Do what the price cap won’t do – solve your energy costs today

“Now is the time for consumers to take action, by improving the energy efficiency of their homes or ensuring that they are not paying more than necessary for the energy they use. For anyone struggling with their energy bill and anxious to stay warm, there is help available. They should talk to their supplier as soon as possible about reimbursement plans and other help offered, and find out if they are eligible for government assistance for energy bills. “

Is your energy account currently in credit or in debt?



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What help is available for energy customers struggling with bills?

If you’re having trouble with your energy bills, support is available, ranging from one-off payments during cold spells to help you pay for energy efficiency measures, to annual rebates applied directly to your energy account. Learn more below:

Winter fuel payment

Cold weather payment

Hot House Discount

Energy efficiency grants

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