Disney World has new MagicBands, but like everything that was free, they’re going to cost you

A travel to Walt Disney World has never been cheap but over time, everything certainly becomes more expensive. Ticket and hotel prices are going up, that’s to be expected, but in recent years we’ve also started to see Disney World charging for services that were included, and now that includes all MagicBands with the official debut of MagicBand+.

Yesterday MagicBand+, the next generation of the MagicBand systemwere made available to Walt Disney World and while Disney provided Free MagicBands for those staying on the property or for annual pass holders, the new versions will cost everyone money, with the standard single-color bands for $34.99 and any designer look for $44.99. There will be a discount offered on orders placed prior to a Disney World Resort staywhich is also available to annual passholders with park reservations, but it’s the best deal you’ll get.

To be fair, the new MagicBand+ is an upgrade from the old MagicBand and there’s a lot more going on under the hood. They still act as your hotel room key, park ticket and credit card as well as your access to the Genie+ system as the old MagicBands did. However, they also light up with built-in LEDs that can sync with nighttime shows and other special locations inside parks, making your MagicBand+ part of the show.

Of course, this additional technology also comes at a cost, as the new MagicBand+ requires charging just like your phone, which means you now have another device to worry about keeping charged, although basic functions of the MagicBand will apparently continue to work even if the battery is dead.

MagicBands have always been an incredibly convenient way to get around Walt Disney World, and part of what made them so convenient was that Disney World gave them to you, so you didn’t have to worry about them. If you wanted to spend money on a bunch of cool creators, that option was always there, and a lot of people were spending a lot of money on them, but you didn’t have to.

Now MagicBands are following in the footsteps of Genie+, the FastPass+ replacement system, which largely works exactly the same as the old system, but now costs money where it used to be free.

Still, I guess it’s still better than no MagicBands at all. If you don’t care about new designs of LED lights, the old strips still work, and given that there was a time when it seemed like the MagicBands were ending all togetherit is certainly preferable to that.

MagicBand+ probably won’t massively change Walt Disney World, but it might not in the west. The original MagicBands were never made available at Disneyland Resort, but MagicBand+ will be. Although a Disneyland release date has yet to be announced, when they finally arrive there will likely be plenty of people who won’t hesitate to pay for them, if only because they don’t have them. never had for free before.

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