Boris Johnson confirms return to homework as England switch to Plan B

MMatthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents the NHS trusts, said the news of the Downing Street Christmas party was a “blow to the morale” of those working in the NHS.

When asked if history matters to the people who run the NHS, Mr Taylor told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: ‘In any difficult situation we must all feel that we are coming together, that we are part of an effort and if it seems like people haven’t played by the rules, if it feels like powerful people don’t play by the rules, then there is a moral blow there is it is more difficult to get people to follow the advice.

“So no, that’s really not what we need right now.”

When asked what he would advise, Mr Taylor, who worked at 10 Downing Street as a senior policy adviser to Tony Blair, said: ‘I don’t know what happened the last year. I think if something that shouldn’t have happened has happened, you better admit it and try to move forward and focus on what really matters – what makes it happen. a very clear message to the British public.

“We are now saying that masks are mandatory, but we need a really strong message, we have to say, ‘The health care system is in an emergency situation and is going to be in this situation for several months.

“And the public needs the clearest message possible, and spending a lot of time dealing with what happened last year doesn’t help get that message across.”

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