Blazar Token Has LOCKED all of its Liquidity into UNISWAP Exchange for 2 Years as Investor Confidence Soars

To secure pricing settings, BLAZAR has locked down token liquidity on the UNISWAP exchange.

Blazar has locked in token liquidity on the UNISWAP exchange to secure pricing parameters and boost investor confidence. “

– Kate Adams (BLAZAR Marketing Manager)

UNITED STATES, January 2, 2022 / — Like BLAZAR token Completing Phase 1 of their ICO, confident investors have started making noise on Reddit and Telegram. BLAZAR Founder and CEO John DeSalvo said, “I only needed to see the words scam and stack once before I decided that enough of this chatter was enough. I immediately posted and locked down all token holder cash on the UNISWAP exchange to secure the pricing settings and assure investors that there would be nothing of the sort with this company. “

By locking in cash for two years, BLAZAR Token has made a deep statement that they are here for the long haul. Every dollar raised during Phase 1 of their ICO has been locked in to assure and assure investors that the value of the tokens will be backed against the USD. Locking in liquidity in the crypto world is essentially the same process in which the United States government secures and locks in gold to support its dollar.

BLAZAR has locked its liquidity in a stock exchange. It 100% guarantees that they are fully compliant and transparent with their token holder.

BLAZAR will enter its 2nd Phase of Initial token offering to raise marketing and advertising capital. BLAZAR Token has set a goal of $ 75,000 for its marketing campaign and has repeatedly stated that it will NOT go for it until it has raised this money.

BLAZAR intends to pay for many online campaigns, billboards entering their Hub City, influencers and social media technologies with the funds from the marketing campaign. Behind the scenes, they are also busy filling out all the paperwork with the SEC to become a securitized token. While nearly every cryptocurrency has fought the SEC and its Howey test to avoid getting the safe designation, the BLAZAR token welcomes and seeks the title.

With this designation comes stability, integrity and full disclosure for all.
Financial matters. This will also allow BLAZAR to begin the process of securing payroll deduction accounts on a weekly recurring basis.

Blazar is expected to be released to the public via UNISWAP on 01/02/2022

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