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These devices are very different from the small chip ID tags that many dogs have implanted under their skin. Microchipping relies on someone finding your pet, “reading” it with a specialized electronic tool, and then contacting you. In contrast, a pet GPS tracker allows you to actively track a missing animal in real time with a high degree of accuracy.

Most GPS pet trackers also allow you to create a safe zone around your home, defined either by being close enough to always be connected to your WiFi, or by staying within a geofence that you demarcate on a map. , then alerts you if your dog leaves that area. Some also allow you to designate danger zones and alert you if your dog approaches a busy street, for example, or a body of water.

Most devices also double as your dog’s fitness tracker, helping you set daily exercise goals based on their breed, weight and age, and letting you know how many steps, active kilometers or minutes your dog does every day and overtime. Sheepadoodles require a lot of activity, so these traits were particularly appealing to my family: it’s good to know if we managed to get enough exercise for Luna on any given day, or if we didn’t and had need to extend his last walk of the day.

The CR Lab team conducted formal evaluations of seven popular animal trackers. For each model, they tested tracking ability, rated ease of use (including how easily they are loaded and attached to a dog’s collar), and ease of installation (including installation and app connection).

To add a layer of real-world insight, I also spent several weeks using the same seven devices to track Luna through her daily routine, including tracking her movements in default and “dog” modes. lost” while family members walked her around. my neighborhood. While my findings largely mirrored those of the CR test team, I did notice some nuances that might make one of these better suited for you and your pup’s needs.

You can read more about the recommended models below and also check out our full reviews.

But first, a few important things to keep in mind:

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