ANGEL X-Tech, the first water purifier collected by an Italian museum

PRATO, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently, ANGEL X-Tech series of water purifiers, hereinafter this text will be abbreviated as X-Tech, an unexpected high-tech water purification product, was listed as a collection by Centro Pecci Prato, Italy. It is also the first time the museum has collected water purification black technology products, which has attracted the attention of media, people from all walks of life and visitors. The reason why ANGEL X-Tech series can become the first water purification product recognized by the famous Italian contemporary art exhibition hall in the industry is that this series of products are manufactured by Pininfarina, a company of design at the service of Ferrari. At the same time, it is also equipped with two major industry-leading aerospace water purification technologies. The birth of the ANGEL X-Tech series offers new possibilities for the future development and product innovation of the water purification industry.

The first water purifier brand listed in the collection of Italy Centro Pecci Prato, a milestone of industry innovation

Founded in 1988, Centro Pecci Prato, the first museum of contemporary art in Italy was combined with the exhibition, collection, recording and promotion of the study of contemporary art. It is also one of the most important contemporary art museums in Italy. Centro Pecci Prato has a rich history and has so far collected many works of great artistic value, such as Andy Warhol’s works which broke new ground in pop style, but this is the first time that it collects purifying dark tech products.

It cannot achieve great success without the contribution of the Pininfarina design team. As one of the famous design companies serving Ferrari, they have an unimaginable sensibility for industrial design. The ANGEL company and Pininfarina design team are inspired by consumers’ expectations for the future to express the art and mystery of the “sense of the future” through “X”, and awaken the infinite reverie of consumers on the shape of future home appliances. Their bilateral cooperation to create a trans-avant-garde design style by injecting the fashionable “streamlined sports car” element into the design language of high-end water purifier, and reversing the tradition of the industry , thus giving the ANGEL X-Tech series a strong metallic style and sense of the future. Once the products appeared in the art exhibition hall, they immediately caught people’s attention.

Equipped with aerospace water purification technology, ANGEL sells well in 65 countries around the world

The ANGEL X-Tech series has also improved many product functions. The A8 high-volume water purifier in this series adopts long-term reverse osmosis 2.0 filter element, one of the aerospace water purification technologies, which has been developed by ANGEL for three years at a cost than 150 million, in order to achieve water purification effect without loss of efficiency for five years. At the same time, the A8 large-volume water purifier integrates drinking, washing and heating functions, and adopts the industry-leading variable-frequency dual-drive system to meet different consumer needs. In addition, the ANGEL X-Tech series pre-filter also adopts the patented aerospace lamination technology, which improves the filtering precision by 200% at 30 micrometers and has an anti-cracking effect. The central water purifier adopts the new second-generation membrane filtration technology, and the filtration effect of heavy metals in water can reach 99.8%. The central water softener adopts the world-original patented soft water filtered structure, so that the moisturizing effect of water is improved by 30% on the skin. Altogether, the technologies of several products have been optimized and become more modern, intelligent and practical, which demonstrated the brand’s research and development strength.

In addition to leadership in design and functionality, the ANGEL X-Tech series, collected this time by Centro Pecci Prato, benefits from the exceptional strength of its brand. ANGEL company has focused on the water purification field for 34 years, and has participated in the formulation of China’s water purification standard many times. ANGEL company owns the largest water purification industrial park in the world, and is also the first to establish a joint water purification laboratory with China Aerospace in the water purification industry with its strong research force and development. It not only has extensive cooperation with huawei, Coca Cola, Starbucks and other international well-known brands, but also is the water purification equipment supplier for China National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, China Airport Beijing Daxing and other national projects. Its strength and reputation are obvious to all, so its products have sold well in 65 countries around the world and won the trust of more than 200 million users.

In recent years, China’s science and technology has developed rapidly, gradually changing from an “industrial country” to a “science and technology country”. The rapid development of aerospace and other fields has also demonstrated the powerful strength and shows China’s advanced scientific and technological development to the world. At present, China regards “pure science and technology” as the main tone of development. And in the context of the development strategy leading to the mighty technical nation, the ANGEL company takes the lead in solving many scientific and technological problems, and continuously increases its own R&D investment, so that it brings the innovation vitality and lead the continuous upgrading of the water purification industry, and finally highlight the national scientific and technological strength of Chinese enterprises.

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