Adventures in “digi-think” … or just in time for Christmas?

Our not-so-old digital bathroom scale didn’t work the other day so we bought new batteries but alas they didn’t help. Dead scale. Then Jim noticed that the battery type was off by a number – maybe that was it. Return to town to come back and try again, this time dragging the scales with it.

I’ve been on a kick out recently to observe how long it takes to live a digital life in the smart world; a smart world after all might not be that smart. Often, maybe most of the time, maybe even never, it takes longer, costs more, and pollutes our environment to buy things online, not to mention (or really to mention) that it forces local businesses to carry fewer items, or at worst to suffer and die. Not to mention the divide in our community.

I decided to go online and look for a good old fashioned mechanical bathroom scale, which could last longer, be less of a problem and also give me fond memories of the bathrooms from my childhood at home. , with my grandparents, with my friends, at school.

I tried to buy online twice: the first one was only $ 12, but when I put it in my cart, the shipping cost was $ 49, which accurately reflects the current cost of shipping heavy items (not counting the costs of climate change.) Second place eBay had the antique scales, but I couldn’t find where to click to accept their user agreement when I tried to connect.

Back to the digital drawing board. The next search I performed, now that I had found the secret password (“mechanical bathroom scale”), showed me that there were some at Walmart right here in my hometown. I could buy one today or the next time I’m in town. They weren’t in someone else’s cart. No shipping! Bonus # 3: They are also available at Sandpoint Super Drug, a local store for a few dollars more! Clint Eastwood would be proud of me.

On the scale of the scales, no downside that I could see. Next time, I’ll use the internet to find out if the things I need or want are available here. More powerful than Superman:

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a search engine.

Able to jump into businesses in our downtown area.

Able to save on shipping costs and help avoid climate change.

And we didn’t even consider the packaging.



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