How big should be theoretical part of diploma

When a student understands that the theory for a diploma cannot be written off from the three textbooks, it does not work, he is visited by a brilliant idea: maybe someone will write all this for me? Will shovel 30-50 scientific works, analyze, summarize, arrange links, draw conclusions and achieve high uniqueness? If your plans do not include immersion in the ocean of wisdom and struggle with anti-plagiarism, if you are caught by the furious theme of the thesis and the corrosive scientific adviser, the simplest way to solve problems is to order the theoretical part of the diploma.

In the structure of the degree research, the theoretical part can occupy two positions:

1) to be one of the chapters (the second, of course – practical);

2) equal to the main part (in other words, the main part is completely a theory, there is no practical chapter).

In the event that in the main part there is both a theoretical and a practical chapter, then the theory always should be first. In the theoretical chapter, the  student has theoretical positions, according to the basis for practical research. These provisions the author of the thesis formulate on the basis of work with scientific literature.

If the theory take place of the main part, usually, in addition to scientific literature, sources of main information (documents, archival materials, etc.) are also used. In this case, within the main part, the student needs to demonstrate the ability to open the topic and introduce something new into science, relying on the works of guys before, and on the analysis of primary sources.

Keep in your mind  that the theoretical part of the thesis cannot be written from the  textbooks, encyclopedias.

Why is the theory written? Many students who fail trying to write a theory and admit monstrous errors in writing it easily cope with this task as soon as they understand the meaning of writing the theoretical part of the thesis:

– detailed study of the object you are writing about;

– reflection of the discussion aspect of the topic;

– analysis of different idea;

– unique formation of a theoretical concept;

– a logical way out to the practical part of the thesis.

A simple compilation of other people’s works is not the aim of writing the theoretical part of the diploma. Simply put, it’s not necessary for anyone – it’s not an abstract. Your goal is to create an understandable, logical theoretical basis.