Comparative essay writing guide

Comparative characteristics – one of the most popular types of school essays today. In fact, this essay-reasoning, based on comparing two characters from one or different works. Comparative characteristics often help us to see new, seemingly famous characters. In the introduction to this composition, we define the problem that we will work on, because it is not important for us to compare in and of itself. Comparison of characters is only a way of a deeper understanding of the work, comprehension of the author’s intention, the way of solving some acute problem, etc. Comparative characteristics in any case cannot be turned into a retelling – to tell first about one, then about another hero. The comparison must necessarily take place in parallel, and the two heroes must be compared for the same characteristics or in similar (similar) situations.┬áDividing the comparison into a series of smaller comparisons, you can move after the text, analyzing the episodes and comparing our characters (while not ignoring the problem posed!). Let’s say we compare: the first appearance of the hero; portrait; living environment; relationship with people close to him, with society; behavior in similar situations; the author’s attitude to the hero, and so on.

Here, by the way, is a plan of your composition.

Analysis of the text, strokes to the portrait, “talking” details, speech – this will be our arguments. Pay special attention to those artistic means by which the author depicts his hero. These can be comparisons, epithets, features of vocabulary relating to the hero, details that create mood. In an artwork, nothing happens by chance. Comparing different characters, we sometimes find their similarity, and vice versa: in outwardly similar heroes – a deep difference. Building the composition of the comparative characteristic, remember that in the beginning of the composition it is always better to dwell on the similarity of the characters, because the main thing after all is their difference. But the “reverse” composition is also possible: from external differences to deep inner similarity. Correctly (i.e., interestingly, effectively) to build an essay you will always be helped by that particular “pair” with which you work. Comparing, pay attention to the fact that the main character is hero (heroes) or secondary, in place, which occupy the characters in the composition of the work. Sometimes the hero is given by the author static, and you may become the best essay writer. It is very important to note the dynamics of the image, that is, how the character changes (and changes) throughout the entire work of art.